“An amazing book which will help you follow our amazing savior”
RT Kendall – author and former minister of Westminster Chapel, London

“Sometimes I wonder if we see the Gospel simply as our door into God’s presence instead of regarding the Gospel as our only air in God’s presence. We don’t get over the Gospel, but rather we spend a lifetime allowing God to get the Gospel into us. This book brilliantly does just that. It simply takes you powerfully into what we all desperately need and never stop needing: Hope. The realest, deepest, truest Hope. If you need some Hope — and, honestly, who doesn’t? — I humbly, earnestly recommend these pages to you as real water.”
Ann Voskamp – author of the New York Times Bestsellers, One Thousand Gifts & The Greatest Gift annvoskamp.com

People are often saved through a fragment of truth. What comes next is vital. Here is instruction not only to establish Christians in their new identity but also to provide a path to effective Christian living. Their own burgeoning local church provides a great endorsement to Tope’s and Adrian’s teaching.
Terry Virgo – author and founder of Newfrontiers terryvirgo.org

Once, Jesus was teaching and he told people “my burden is light.” In other words, he didn’t come to weigh us down and make life harder. It seems like there are always people ready to make Christianity complicated and difficult, and that’s why I love this book: it captures the simplicity that Jesus originally offered. You need to read this book!
Greg Surratt – founding pastor of Seacoast Church, and a founding board member of the Association of Related Churches (ARC).

“This book will help newcomers to the faith discover where hope is born and it will help seasoned believers to remember how not to lose it.”
Frank Viola – bestselling author of God’s Favorite Place on Earth and Jesus Now, frankviola.org

“There has long been a need for a short, simple, accessible and biblically faithful book explaining the essence of what it means to be a Christian, how to become a Christian, and how to start living as Christian. Hope Reborn meets this need wonderfully. Tope Koleoso and Adrian Warnock explain clearly and concisely the great news of salvation in Jesus, which brings forgiveness, transformation and true hope into our lives. Biblical exposition is combined with pastoral warm, engaging illustrations, real-life stories and practical applications. This book is ideal for those interested in understanding the Christian faith for the first time, for those new to the faith, or for those unsure of their faith. I look forward to using it widely.”
John Stevens – National Director, Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches

Jubilee Church is an engaging church. They are focussed on the proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel, and are growing by conversion. This book will be of great help to anyone who wants to become a Christian. If you have been part of a church for many years Hope Reborn will also help you to bring the gospel back to the center, and to become more confident in explaining it to others.
Rice Brooks – author, God’s Not Dead – The evidence behind the movie.

“Koleoso and Warnock have created a helpful resource for anyone new to Christianity or desiring a better understanding of the faith. Written with a voice of experience, insight, and compassion, this book reflects the authors’ pastoral hearts and the character of Jesus himself.”

Amy Simpson – editor, Gifted for Leadership author, Anxious: Choosing Faith in a World of Worry

“This is an excellent book: simple yet profound, brief yet thorough. Written in a style that is readable and easy to relate to, it covers the critical issues needed for a person to get off to a strong start in their Christian life. I trust and pray that it will be a great resource to many churches and a great blessing to many individuals. May many lives be transformed as a result!”
David Smith – Senior Pastor, KingsGate Community Church

This book is a great resource to hand to a non-Christian or a new Christian to learn about Jesus Christ and the essentials of Christianity. It is readable, biblical, practical, and helpful. This is a book to buy multiple copies of and have around to give away to people you want to point to Jesus.
Mark Driscoll – Founding Pastor, Marshill Church pastormark.tv

Tope and Adrian are the real deal– I’ve preached in their church, fellowshipped with their families, and believe in their ministry. They know and love the Lord and it comes through in Hope Reborn. If you are a Christian, this book will help you know and share your faith. And, if you’re not, it’s a great guide to understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus. I commend them and Hope Reborn to you.
Ed Stetzer – President, LifeWay Research. @edstetzer

“I am so excited about HOPE REBORN! I enjoyed reading it, and Northwood Church will definitely use it. I know of no other resource like it. It takes a person all the way from pre conversion to being filled with the boldness that comes from the Holy Spirit. Many discipleship materials make too many assumptions that are no longer true in the 21st century. Hope Reborn assumes nothing, and presents the Bible’s message in a fresh, engaging, and understandable way. I predict this is going to be a very significant resource for the global church.”
Bob Roberts Jr – Founder and Pastor, Northwood Church @bobrobertsjr

At last! An engagingly written, theologically vibrant little book that you can give to seekers, to new converts, and to struggling believers. The authors depict a righteous Savior who can be touched and who really cares, and they lay out practical steps every child of God can take to grow strong in the faith.
Michael L. Brown – Author, theologian, apologist, and radio host lineoffireradio.com

“In every way God’s Word measures a man, a husband, father and leader, I have found Tope Koleoso to be authentically gracious, honest, forthright and truthful. He characterizes both Christian love toward all, and mature leadership in The Church. I have spoken in Tope’s church a number of times, and readily detect the receptivity and response of a people used to being fed and led in The Word, Its Truth, and into genuine worship and witness as a people. The Body of Christ globally sees the need for a rise of thousands of well-equipped, Christ-like, Holy Spirit empowered, Word-centered and balanced pastors: “this kind” are needed everywhere!

Hope Reborn which Tope has written with one of his leaders will help you grow as a Christian and a leader. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this book is for the new Christian only. You will find your love for the gospel growing afresh as you read its pages.”
Jack Hayford – Founding Pastor – The Church On The Way/Los Angeles, and Founder The Kings University

Where is that straightforward, plain English, theologically sound, assume-nothing little book that you can give to an unbelieving friend, read with the seeker, share with the new believer, work through with the backslider? A book that carefully and pastorally delivers the gospel, framed from the outset as a real encounter with the living, saving, discipling Jesus. A book that clearly and practically explains the breadth of repenting, Christ-following faith from conversion through the steady heavenward walk of willing obedience. Hope Reborn is just such a book. Not only is it exciting that the church has this superb new resource – Tope and Adrian have warmed my heart anew with the wonders of the gospel.
Colin Buchanan – Christian Children’s Recording artist and author, Sydney, Australia