Read John

In Hope Reborn Tope and Adrian encourage people who want to begin reading the Bible to start with John’s Gospel. John’s Gospel is full of helpful truth about Jesus, as well as compelling stories that reveal who He is, and what He is like. It is a very personal, and behind the scenes look at Jesus Christ through the eyes of his closest friend. No wonder that near the end of his Gospel, John writes:

Now Jesus did many other signs in the presence of the disciples, which are not written in this book; 31but these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name. (John 20:30-31)

If you are not yet a Christian, reading John’s Gospel will point you towards Jesus. If you are a Christian, reading John’s Gospel will rekindle your love for Him. If you are feeling burnt out, John’s Gospel is a great prescription. You are invited to join us for the next 40 days and not only read, but also apply the simple Bible study method outlined in Hope Reborn. You can download various versions of the worksheets for each reading and print them, or download them in one file below. Adrian and Tope will share their own sample responses to these questions on Adrian’s blog where you are welcome to post your own additional comments to support others as they read.

Bible Reading Plan (Reading guide worksheets to follow)

Day 1   John 1:1-18

Day 2  John 1:19-51

Day 3  John 2:1-25

Day 4  John 3:1-35

Day 5  John 4:1-26

Day 6  John 4:27-54

Day 7  John 5:1-16

Day 8  John 5:18-47

Day 9  John 6:1-21

Day 10  John 6:22-71

Day 11  John 7:1-24

Day 12  John 7:25-52

Day 13  John 7:53-8:11

Day 14  John 8:12-30

Day 15  John 8:31-38

Day 16  John 8:39-59

Day 17  John 9:1-17

Day 18  John 9:18-41

Day 19  John 10:1-21

Day 20  John 10:22-42

Day 21  John 11:1-27

Day 22  John 11:1-44

Day 23  John 11:45-12:11

Day 24  John 12:12-36

Day 25  John 12:36-50

Day 26  John 13:1-17

Day 27  John 1:18-38

Day 28  John 14:1-11

Day 29  John 14:12-31

Day 30  John 15:1-17

Day 31  John 15:18-16:15

Day 32  John 16:15-33

Day 33  John 17:1-26

Day 34 John 18:1-27

Day 35 John 18:28-19:7

Day 36  John 19:8-30

Day 37 John 19:31-20:10

Day 38  John 20:11-29

Day 39 John 20:30-21:14

Day 40 John 21:15-25